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Area Recordings kicks off 2013 with this stunning 2 tracker from leading Ozzy dubstepper James '3rdeye' Lyall. Already making a name for himself with a wealth of solid releases through some of dubsteps top digital labels, and a feature on our 5th release (Area Music Volume 1). We are pleased to release his first solo 12”.

Following in true Area Recordings tradition we bring you 2 high quality cutting edge deep dubstep tunes, full of bass weight and musicality. Kicking things off with “The Last Time I Saw You”, the scene is clearly set. Taking what has been tagged as 'the dungeon sound' and pushing the boundaries with high quality technical production at the heart of a soulful dance floor meditation rhythm combining eerie atmospherics and trade mark swing with hypnotic flutes and haunting melodies.

The flip side ‘Voodoo Girl’ drops with a smooth vocal and techy synth stabs, countering a lush guitar melody, sparsely used in equal measure to engross the listener. As the track builds the raw energy flows through with high quality production work. The balance between its pulsing momentum and subtle break downs clearly encapsulate 3rdeye’s solid song writing abilities not only showcasing his abilities as a top producer but also another hidden gem we present to our listeners.


released January 28, 2013

written and produced by J.Lyall, Voodoo Girl additional Production by M.Gibson
Mastered By Beau Thomas
© Area Recordings 2013



Area Recordings Birmingham, UK

Area Recordings is home of high quality electronic music seeking to bleed into the cerebral pleasure centres through subtle osmosis, rather than batter the senses with banging bass, promising hidden joy for all lovers of the path less trodden.

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