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With momentum building around the first 2 split singles and the labels podcast series, Area Recordings prepares to unleash the first solo release from head honcho Be-1ne. Delving further into the vast palette of sound quickly becoming associated with the label, these to killer cuts seek to forge a new direction in the revitalisation of the seminal dubstep sound.

Lead track ‘tube sound’ kicks off with a sonic journey in suspense slowly building in anticipation of what is to be unleashed on the listener. The first barrage of the track in its entirety whisks the listener into a realm of futuristic bass music. Throbbing sub, weighty drums and swelling mids swirl round the listener taking them into a new territory of 140 bass music setting a precedent of what is to come and be expected of Area Recordings releases.

The b side follows the same vein of less is more, while keeping it melodic and funky. Building through and eerie soundscape filling the listeners mind with cinematic imagery, the track drops into a sub filled, percussion based roller. The sounds morph and weave around each other offering an enjoyable ride while simultaneously rocking the dance floor.

"Fat and crisp atmospheric dubstep from Birmingham's Ben Ewins aka Be-1ne. This is the 1st vinyl release from his homegrown Area recordings, dropping one side of Icicle-alike spare and dread-filled '06 halfstep on 'Tube Sound', backed with a gloomy lurcher in 'Illusion' on the flip. Classy stuff for fans of Youngsta DJ sets, or the dread halfstep of Kryptic Minds, Loefah etc." (Boomkat 2010)


released October 22, 2010

written & produced by B.Ewins
mastered by Beau Thomas
© Area Recordings 2010



Area Recordings Birmingham, UK

Area Recordings is home of high quality electronic music seeking to bleed into the cerebral pleasure centres through subtle osmosis, rather than batter the senses with banging bass, promising hidden joy for all lovers of the path less trodden.

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