by Lysergene / Be-1ne

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With a wealth of musical influence and experience Ben Ewins (Be-1ne) is proud to launch Area Recordings. With his sights set firmly on establishing the label as a home for high quality electronic music, the first offering is a split 12” exploring the deeper end of the dubstep spectrum. Having hosted the Area Music show on leading underground bass station,, for nearly 2 years. Be-1ne has made his mark with his eclectic selection and trademark deep subs.

The lead track “Sub Ritual” is a foray into the dubstep realm for seasoned producer Lysergene (Gordon Bicknell), who’s “Critical Mass” album received rave reviews throughout the darkwave/EBM scene. Taking the Lysergene project further, “Sub Ritual” pushes the boundaries of dubstep with its stripped down half step minimalist soundscape and Powerful pulsing bass line. Coming with an original swagger to set dance floors on fire, and induce hypnotic meditation in equal measures. This sprawling beast of a tune comes alive through its vast dynamic range and intricate programming, conjuring up sci-fi images of cruising through a future metropolis.

Taking the helm on the flip is Be-1ne’s groove ridden “Revelation”. Following the same vein as his “A Bridge Far Away – Killer Bees” remix, which was recently voted download of the week by Big Up magazine. “Revelation” takes the listener on a journey. With its trademark haunting vocal, the track grows with each drop, twisting and morphing with its complex layers until it reaches its peak. Returning the listener back to the calm and safety of its ambient beginning. The track showcases the clearly structured and syncopated rhythms familiar with his productions, evolving with each turn in a synth laden pulsating trip.

Receiving support DJ support and radio play across the field from Dj Crises (Rinse FM / Mind Step), Fused Forces (Cyba FM / Scruffy Hooldum), Pressa (Cyba Fm / Dub Doubt) and of course Be-1ne’s own Area Music Show on Sub FM. These tracks are becoming firm favourites of those lucky enough to have copies prior to release.

"Floating atmospheric dubstep on the first release from Birmingham's Area Recordings. Lysergene's 'Sub Ritual' takes a moody traipse through darker vibes inspired by his other project playing guitar for drone group Esoteric, underpinned with meditative Distance style halfstep beats. Be-1ne gives 'Revelation' on the flip with Indian-infused melodies and clean, sub-weighted halfstep patterns." (Boomkat 2010)


released April 6, 2010

written & produced by (a) G.Bicknell / (b) B.Ewins
mastered by Beau Thomas
© Area Recordings 2010



Area Recordings Birmingham, UK

Area Recordings is home of high quality electronic music seeking to bleed into the cerebral pleasure centres through subtle osmosis, rather than batter the senses with banging bass, promising hidden joy for all lovers of the path less trodden.

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